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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Who Doesn't Want to Be Happy?

Yup. For the next year, I'll be posting one "Secret of Happiness"--a simple way to increase your "happy"--each and every day for an entire year.
When people asked him, "What's the meaning of life?" Joseph Campbell would say something like: There's no "one meaning of life" for everybody. There's a meaning for your life, and what gives your life meaning is to go out and seek meaning.
I agree.
But "meaning" is such a big concept. "Happiness" is much easier; we know it when we see it. (That's why Uncle Joe said, "Follow Your Bliss.")
And just like there's no "One Great Meaning of Life," so I think there's no "One Great Secret of Happiness." There are lots of little secrets, and our happiness lies in seeking happiness.
Why is happiness so important? I think it's just shorthand for "Enlightenment." If we work on happiness--true happiness, not the kind slung at us in TV commercials--we will ultimately attain…ahhhh….
As for these " secrets," a few caveats:
  • They're not really secrets. Many people know them. But if you don't, they might as well be secrets. In fact: There's little that's new here, folks. I stole most of these from other people.
  • Not every secret will "strike" everybody. But check in regularly; you're bound to find something good.
  • No, I don’t do all this stuff. But the more I do, the happier I am.
  • Many of these secrets will overlap. They'll duplicate. They may even contradict each other. Seeking happiness is messy. Like life.
  • I'm just pitching out ideas here. Application is up to you. And adaptation if necessary.
So get started today. Share your own "secrets" in the comments.
And Be Happy. Or at least happier.
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