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Monday, June 29, 2009

Buy a Hat (and Wear It)

You can tell a man by the hat he wears.

Cowboys wear cowboy hats, sailors wear sailor caps. What's a pirate without his hat? Or an English gentleman without his bowler?

If you get the right hat, you can be anyone.

It's a sign of our loss of imagination that the "Trucker Hat" (also called a "gimme cap" because they were originally given away as free advertising) has become the standard headwear for a generation. Where's the romance in a glorified baseball cap with air conditioning and a logo?

Give me a Stetson, a tam, a beret, a fedora.

How outrageous would it be to meet a friend wearing a Lincoln-esque stove pipe? Or a full-sized sombrero? Or a pith helmet? (I actually own one. And a yarmulke too.) How about a pointy wizard's cap covered in symbols?

Ladies: Something big, with flowers. Or a bonnet. A cowl. Or a ten-gallon (ma'am).

I'm prone to those canvas-y Indiana Jones items (not the felt ones--too hot).

The point is: get out of your rut. Spice up your life. Have some fun.

Make your friends say "what the...?"

The right hat will make passersby smile. (Or policemen stop you.)

Be whoever you want to be, even for one lazy Saturday afternoon.

You'll be happier.

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