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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Find a Guru

No, I don't mean, "Climb to a mountaintop and find an old man with a flowing white beard and flowing saffron robes who can tell you the secrets of the Universe."

Unless you want to.

I mean, find a guide; follow a leader; get a mentor.

As the saying goes, "Why reinvent the wheel?"

But a "guru" does more than tell you what to do, or how to do it.

She or he helps you focus your thoughts, brings things to mind that you wouldn't have thought of, challenges fuzzy thinking.

You can do it online, or you can do it in person.

One online guru I'm fond of is Brian Johnson, a sort of "guru of gurus" whose newsletter has made me say everything from "hmmm…" to "What the…?" on many occasions.

And his PhilosophersNotes book series? Fabulous. And the podcasts. He's a one-man mindful media machine.

Brian is just one example of a guru that you don't have to go mountain trekking to meet. He's right there in that little box on your desk.

But if you can find a guru in person, someone in your life, so much the better.

Don't forget to look close to home. It might be an elder at work, or a teacher, or even family or friends (like my wife Lila, and my friends Alan and Stefano).

Find someone who can offer both slaps and hugs as necessary, and who knows when to give which.

You’ll be happier.

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