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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tickle the Ivories

Did you remember ever just sitting down at a piano and playing with it?

I don't mean banging out Scott Joplin, or nailing the Moonlight Sonata.

I mean Chopsticks. Or less.

Remember how happy it made you, and how it drove your mother or your teacher nuts? And they made you quit?

Well, no one can stop you now. Find a piano to play with. (If you actually play, go ahead. But I'm talking to the musically challenged.)

Hit the lowest note you can. Then the highest. Then go back and forth between the lowest and the highest really fast.

Do something that makes you go "Ahhhhh..." Then something that makes you go "Ewww..."

In other words, have fun like a kid.

Or find a harmonica, and just breathe in and out through it.

Or make a trumpet blat. Or a clarinet squeak.

No "real" instruments on hand? Turn over a wastebasket and have at it. Play along with your favorite dance tune.

Make a joyful noise!

You'll be happier.

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