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Friday, July 10, 2009

Buy a Piece of Art

What is it about art that captures the imagination?

Joseph Campbell says that when a painter paints a mountain, he's not trying to explain a mountain; he's trying to give you an experience of a mountain.

So why not just go to the mountain?

Well, sometimes we can't. And in the best of circumstances, the artist's perspective on the mountain may convey more "mountainness" than a real mountain has.

Now, I can't afford "real" art, originals by brand-name artists.

But I do appreciate something more than a postcard of dogs playing cards.

I'm thinking about something with canvas, to which oil paint has been applied, with a brush.

I'm thinking of something made of wood, that emerged layer by layer under the careful invasion of chisel and knife.

Something more than the product of a printing press, or an injection molding machine.

Something from the eye, hand, and heart of someone who is trying to give me an experience.

And as much as I love seeing art in a museum, there's something fine about living with art, being greeted by it every morning.

So head out to a local gallery or an Arts and Crafts fair. Meet (and support) a local artist. Find something that speaks to you.

And take it home and give it a place of honor.

You'll be happier.

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