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Monday, July 20, 2009

Feather Your Nest

These days, to feather one's nest implies taking bribes or doing something else illegal to secure one's future.

But originally, the idiom meant to make your environment more comfortable. It comes from the idea of birds lining their nests with feathers to make them soft.

So what the heck is this bird-brain talking about?

I'm talking about making the place where you live (your nest) both comfortable and attractive.

Spruce it up.

I've mentioned "Going a Little Martha Stewart" before, talking about making your food more palatable.

Now I'm talking about the space we live in.

When I recommended buying a piece of art, I was thinking of art as art.

Now I mean everything around you. Furniture, white goods, knick-knacks. Plates, silverware, glasses. Indoor plants, incense, sound (a rippling fountain, a wind chime).

Our home has two halves (really two dorm rooms, each with a kitchen and bath). One side is utilitarian.

On the other side: A jute rug and pillows. A half-bath (for guests to use). The kitchen, for hospitality. Scrolls, statues, incense burners. A real sanctuary. When we're on "that side," everywhere the eye falls is pleasing.

Give it some thought. Make your home a place that you and the people you love find rejuvenating.

You'll be happier.

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