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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Get Wet

We originated in a wet environment.

Evolution says we came from the sea. The Bible begins with a water-covered earth, from which dry land and then humans were made.

In any case, each one of us before birth lived in "water." (You know a baby is coming when the mother's "water breaks").

Is it any wonder, then, that we feel happy wading in the sea, or swimming in a pool, or even splashing in a tub?

South China, where I live, is subtropical, hot and sticky most of the year. As summer gets going, a three-shower-day is not unusual. (Wish I had a tub.)

Our city is replete with spas, pools, and hot springs. Not so much my style, but lots of my friends love them.

I remember my long walk through Japan, though. After walking all day, I was sometimes fortunate enough to find accommodation in a temple. Great ambiance, great food, and great bath.

Outside the tub, you'd soap up on a stool, and rinse off with a scoop-and-spigot (the fancier places had spray hoses). Then lower yourself slowly into the 40C (104F) water, ignoring the naked men around you.


So whether it's a sauna or a steam room, a Jacuzzi or a lap pool, the ocean or a bubble bath, get wet.

You'll be happier.

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