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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Give Someone Flowers

I didn't know this when I was a young man: Women love flowers.

(Socially backwards, I guess.)

I learned it late. And later than that, I learned something else: Men also love flowers.

Here's how it happened: When I was around 35, I had a new girlfriend. She asked me once what I liked, and I said, "Are women and men so different? Whatever you like, I like."

The next day, I was at school, teaching a bunch of twelve-year-olds, when a deliveryman walked into my classroom and handed me a large-ish floral arrangement.

I had a lot of explaining to do. I was flustered, and proud, and embarrassed, and pleased all at once.

The kids loved it.

I remember as a little kid, on May Day, making flower baskets out of construction paper, picking some weedy flowers from the garden, and hanging them on the door of my dear old babysitting neighbors before ringing the bell and running away.

I remember altar flowers. I remember weddings and funerals.

Nothing says "special" like flowers.

You don't have to spend a bundle on roses. A single daisy will do, or a nosegay of wildflowers. (What a great word, "nosegay"; it means it "makes the nose happy.")

Flowers also make the eye happy, and the heart happy.

And making the nose, eye, and heart of a special someone happy will make you happier, too.

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