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Monday, July 6, 2009

Hug and Be Hugged

When I was living in Japan, I had a most peculiar experience.

An honest-to-goodness Mahatma came to town. The word means "Great Soul," and you'll never guess what this Great Soul's mission was?

She hugged people.

That's it. Not a whole lot of teaching, no preaching. Ammachi just goes around hugging people.

I saw workaday Japanese people take off their glasses, rings, and so on (to prevent snagging on her robes), kneel in front of her, and be hugged.

Then I saw them turn around, almost every one of them demolished in tears, and walk shakily away. Being hugged is powerful.

So today's "secret" is a two-for-one:

First, hug someone. It'll do you good.

Second, be hugged.

Don't get hung up on what hugging's all about; just hug and be hugged.

And hug like you mean it.

Garrison Keillor describes the "Minnesota hug": stand two feet apart, place left hand on the huggee's shoulder, and shake hands with the right.

Then there's the "lean-in hug," where only the shoulders touch.

Not like that. Hug like a boa constrictor.

You'll be happier.

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