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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sit Under a Tree

When was the last time you sat under a tree?

It's been inspirational for people from the Buddha to Isaac Newton. Why not join them?

Go outside, maybe to a park or better a forest, and find a big ol' tree, a giant specimen.

And just sit down.

So, what should you do when you sit under this tree?

My recommendation: nothing.

But if doing nothing makes you nervous try this: Think about that tree.

Start with the roots. Deep, dark underground, digging their way ever deeper even as you sit there.

And what are they doing down there? Eating. Getting nutrition and water for this magnificent giant.

Eating what? Dirt. Plain old dirt. Hard to imagine that such a creature lives on nutrition so inaccessible to us, isn't it?

Now, the trunk and branches. When we usually see these, they've been cut down, cut up, and dried out. Dry as old bones.

But the ones you're sitting under? They're so wet that you can't light them on fire as is. They're carrying the water and nutrients to the tree.

And meanwhile, at the other end, the leaves are turning sunlight into energy. In fact, if not for their work, there'd be no oxygen on earth.

And you know where we'd be without that.

If this is a fruit tree, it may also be producing apples or peaches or, like the trees near my house in south China, litchis and mangos. Yum.

So sit under a tree. Think about all the giving it does. And just appreciate it.

And maybe, like the Buddha and Sir Isaac, you'll get a great idea too.

But one thing's for sure: You'll be happier.

You'll be happier.

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