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Friday, July 24, 2009

Try Something New With Your Hair

It's almost a cliché, like something from a corny old movie: a woman gets depressed, so she goes to the "beauty salon" for a new hairdo.

Well, the best of clichés are based in reality.

There's no question that a change in hairstyle (and gentlemen, this includes facial hair) can do a lot for one's self-image.

In my lifetime my hairstyles have run the gamut from below-the-shoulder-blades to smoothly shaved. In the 80s, I even had a perm (but only once).

You can call it vanity, but hair matters.

Virtually every religion says something about hairstyle, from the unshorn Nazarites of the Bible (Samson, John the Baptist) to the tonsured Capuchin Franciscans; from the long hair and mandatory beard of male Sikhs, to the side curls of the Orthodox Jewish men, to the shaved head of Buddhist monastics (male and female); there is something about hair and holiness.

But religion aside, a new style puts a spring in the step, and a song in the heart.

For some, we may be talking color; for others, length, for still others, shape. But whatever you change, the change will do you good.

So go to the salon, or just grab a trimmer, and do something to "the beauty, the splendor, the wonder of your hair."

You'll be happier.

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