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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Write a Poem and Give It to Someone

Picture this: Romeo has found Juliet and, in a fit of passion, decides to...stop at a Hallmark store and buy her a card.

Or better yet, just grab something from the net.

In this age of easy communication, the personal touch is sometimes sadly cheapened.

When we can send a thousand thank-you notes with the touch of a button, or get a computer to compose love songs, the heartfelt expression of sentiment is no longer the fine art it was.

Why not write your own poem?

You don't have to be Shakespeare. Going through old papers at my parents house, I found a "Christmas poem" I had written for my mom when I was 6 or 7:

On Christmas Eve, the cow says "Moo"

She is saying "I love you"

On Christmas Eve the sheep says "Baa"

And she means "I love you, Ma."

Laugh if you want, but how do you think my mom felt when I gave her this?

So don't let some commissioned "poet" determine how you'll express your feelings. Say something original.

Not just "love poems," either. Thank you, I miss you, you're the best, I'm sorry. There are lots of reasons to wax poetic.

And instead of making it all fancy on the computer, how about buying some nice paper and a pen and (gasp) writing it by hand?

You'll be happier (and so will the recipient).

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