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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Have a "Poker Night"

Long ago and far away, I used to sometimes go to the horse races.

Now, I'm no high roller, a die-hard gambler who puts his (fictional) kids' futures on the line every time he goes to the track. I just went for laughs now and then.

But I did find that my fun was enhanced if I placed a small wager.

A two-dollar bet changes everything. And since the maximum number of races in a day was nine, I couldn't lose more than twenty bucks. But oh, what fun that twenty bought me.

But I was going to talk about poker.

Many of us love to play board games, or card games, or anything that gets friends around a table with some snacks and beverages and a little friendly competition.

But friends, I'm here to tell you: however much fun you can have that way, it will be that much more fun if there's a tiny bit of money involved.

So I'm recommending that you have a boys'--or girls'--or co-ed--poker night, and play for pennies.

Seriously, what else are pennies good for?

Get your friends to bring some snacks and drinks, clear a space on the dining room table, and play the gracious host or hostess.

Whether your friends walk out seventeen cents to the good, or a buck thirty-three in the hole, they're going to have a great time.

Learn the rules, and follow them. Don't forget your manners. But aside from these caveats, let 'er rip. Let the good times roll.

You'll be happier!

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