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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Read an Old Favorite Book

OK, for some of us this isn't so different from "Contact an Old Friend," since our old friends are old books!

But really, what were you reading ten years ago, or twenty, or thirty?

Read it again.

There are some books I go back to every five years or so. And it really is like seeing an old friend.

But, as with an old friend, there can be surprises. Is that what that meant? I had no idea!

The book may be the same, but we have changed, and we'll see side of that old companion that we never saw before.

That fairy tale is more gruesome than I remembered.

Animal Farm is funny!

Shakespeare gets more brilliant every year.

I used to think Hemingway was overrated. Now he makes me want to cry.

Rudyard Kipling is better than I thought he was.

And I'm finally starting to "get" Paulo Coelho.

Like any book, they're better if shared. Read that children's book to your child. Or do a mini-book-club-thingy with a friend from back then. (Two old friends for the price of one.)

Revive an old friendship...with a book.

You'll be happier.

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