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Friday, August 14, 2009

Trade Fear for Love

A long time ago I read a book by a guy named Gerald Jampolsky. It was called Love is Letting Go of Fear, and it was based on ideas from the famous "Course in Miracles."

Its premise was breathtakingly simple: there are only two authentic emotions, Love and Fear. All positive emotions come from Love, and all negative ones come from Fear. And where one is, the other is not. (The book may not have put it just that way; but that's how it came out after I processed it.)

This helped clarify my thinking in so many ways.

Take sorrow, for instance. Is it OK to grieve? Healthy grieving, we could say, is based on Love: "I miss her, I had a good life with him." Less healthy is the grief that comes from Fear: "How can I live without her? I don't know what I'll without him."

So today's secret is a simple one: Trade Fear for Love.

Fear is the great enemy in many traditions. It keeps us from leaving the nest and learning to fly. It keeps us from moving forward. It keeps us from feeling the Love around us.

If we can lay Fear aside, and exchange it for Love, all good things will come to us.

As the Bible says, "Perfect Love casts out Fear."

So make the trade. Now.

You'll be happier.

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