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Monday, September 28, 2009

Buy 10 Items or Less

There are ways to streamline our lives that we don't even think about.

The "express checkout" lane at the supermarket is one of them.

And are you paying your bills online? Making installment payments three-at-a-time? (I used to do this sometimes when I had to stand in line for an hour every month to pay the rent.)

Do you subscribe to that paper you read every day, or the magazine you read every month? Or do you buy it at the newsstand, adding hassle to your day (and probably paying more)?

How about carpooling? It not only saves energy; it allows you to relax on the way to work when it's someone else's turn to drive.

We can't all move to Walden Pond, but we can all take Thoreau's advice to "Simplify, simplify."

So find the thing you like least in your daily routine, and find an easier way to do it.

You'll be happier.

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