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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Eat Less Meat

I've been a vegetarian for over 15 years. I doubt I'll ever start eating meat again.

I'm quite sure that being a vegetarian has made me healthier and happier.

But I know that such a massive life-style change is not for everyone.

However, anyone can eat less meat. This is the idea behind all of the "meatless Monday" campaigns springing up everywhere (one of which I was running, until difficulties with my internet connection put it on "hold").

The idea is a simple one: If you eat meat (from mammals, birds, or fish) give it up for one day a week.

While the idea is simple, the reasons can be complex. Some do it to enhance their own health and stamina. Others do it as an act of compassion toward animals.

It's also a social justice issue: meat-eaters use far more than their share of the world's resources.

Then there's the impact on water, air, and land by the meat machine and its effect on our Mother the Earth.

And some do it for religious reasons.

But whyever you do it, do it. I guarantee that it will lead to greater peace of mind, and you know what that means:

You'll be happier.

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