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Friday, September 25, 2009

Get Real

Does anybody remember Sophia, the straight-talking old lady played by Estelle Getty on "The Golden Girls"? Viewers found the character's honesty so refreshing that she went on to appear in two more series!

Something about being old gives one the freedom to speak one's mind. And boy, does it make old folks happy!

There's a person in my life (who shall remain unidentified for the sake of protection) who says whatever comes to mind, who speaks out on issues, who calls it as s/he sees it, and who frustrates the heck out of those close to him/her.

And writing to a mutual friend today, I expressed the sentiment that I wouldn't have it any other way.

In this age of political correctness, absurdly high expectations, close scrutiny of every move and every word, it's hard to find a 100% authentic original.

Someone who'll say what he or she thinks, even if it's not in line with current norms.

Someone who's honest.

The authentic person is one who knows him or herself, and acts from the heart. That's no excuse for being unnecessarily offensive; it comes from a different place, from the center.

And what the authentic person knows, the one who is real as real can be, that the rest of us don't know, is this: being real is a great source of happiness.

No mask, no pose, no need to pretend.

So get real.

You'll be happier.

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