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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Kill a Vampire

We all know vampires.

Those people who, with the best of intentions, just drain us by their very presence.

This isn't a question of judgment, of liking or disliking someone. It's just a fact that some people take it out of us more than others.

It might be a very positive, upbeat, bouncy, puppydog of a person. Or it might be a mopey sad-sack. Either way, 15 minutes with that person seems like a lifetime. My friend once said of a small town, "I spent a week there one night." The same could be said of some people.

So herewith, the Handy Dandy Vampire Killer's Kit (stake optional):

There are (at least) three ways to kill an energy vampire: avoidance, conversion, and adaptation.

Avoidance is the easiest, and the one I find I most often choose. Sri Ramakrishna pointed out that God dwells in everyone, the best and the worst; but that doesn't mean we should associate with the worst. It's also true about vampires.

Conversion is where we take the vampire's energy and change it for good. Find ways to apply that person's draining aspects to some positive project.

Adaptation is on us. Sometimes, when the vampire cannot be avoided or converted (maybe an older family member, or a boss at work), we have to practice ways to see that person in a different light, and "learn to love 'em."

So: avoid, convert, adapt, it's up to you. But however you can, kill a vampire.

You'll be happier.

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