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Monday, September 21, 2009

Neutralize Poisons

I remember when I was a kid, watching B-grade cowboy movies. (The Western is still my favorite genre.)

A cowpoke, maybe a desperado or some kind of buckaroo, would walk into a bar, and the barkeep would look up from wiping the bar or drying a glass and ask, "What's yer poison?"

And every time, I'd wonder why anybody would want to drink poison.

Fast forward a few decades, to where I love my poisons, and am darned if I'll give them up for anything.

Buddhism defines three poisons: Greed (or Desire), Anger (or Hatred) and Ignorance (or Delusion).

Take away my desires? What would I have left? And don't you dare mess with the things that I hate! And Ignorance? Bliss!

But really, what would my life be like if I were to neutralize all my poisons, and live toxin-free?

According to Buddhism, I'd be a Buddha.

For sure, I'd be happier.

And I suspect you would be, too.

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