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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Turn Off Your Computer

As I've noted before, I spend a lot of time with my eyes on a screen and my fingers on a keyboard (but not at the same time--I still have to hunt and peck, albeit quickly).

On my recent trip through eastern China, though, I spent less than an hour a day online. True, that's not no computer, but it’s a serious reduction.

And it was great.

Resources like Twitter and Facebook can be wonderful, but as my buddy Eric in Japan taught me long ago regarding email: These things are supposed to serve you; you're not meant to be serving them.

Just watch some of those Twitter users: posts several times an hour, all day long, and "from web," meaning they're typing those messages in real time, not scheduling them through a third-party like TweetDeck or TweetLater.


So turn off that computer. Or TV. Or radio. Or iPod. Or whatever electronic device is filling the space between your ears with noise.

Take a walk. Play fetch with your dog. Look at someone's face as you talk.

Get real, not virtual.

You'll be happier.

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