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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Write It Down

Long ago, my "uncle" (actually my dad's best friend) gave me a potted oak tree. It was several years old, and just a few feet tall.

When I marveled at his patience--so much work for so little result--he told me the secret: "They grow while you're asleep."

Lots of things happen a little at a time when we're not looking. With a tree, you can see the results of planting seeds (or in this case, an acorn) over time; other things are harder to observe.

So why not plant a seed for happiness?

It's simple: Sit down, right now, and write now. Do a brief "journal entry" of what you did today, who you saw, how you felt, what the weather was like. What shape is your home in? What is your family doing? Do you have pets?

Write it all down, and put it away.

Then take it out again in a few years. You'll be surprised at the people who have come and gone, the old habits broken (and new ones acquired), the changes in your hobbies and loves.

And when you look back a few years and see exactly how things were, I promise you:

You'll be happier.

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