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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Get Ahead of It

Two words can make all the difference in how happy your life is. These are "reactive" and "proactive."

Are you a reactive type? Are you "fortune's fool," just sitting around and waiting for life to bring what it brings, pluses and minuses?

Or are you proactive, the type who gets out there and stirs up the good stuff, a rainmaker who won't be anybody's fool?

Because a lot of happiness depends on this decision.

I remember a story about two little twin boys, one an extreme pessimist, and the other an extreme optimist.

Their parents sought help in balancing them out. The psychologist gave them a plan...

The morning of their birthday, the little pessimist was brought out to the front yard, and there was a horse! What could be better? And his reaction was: "Do you hate me? Are you trying to kill me? That horse could bite me, step on me, throw me and break my neck! I can't believe you people!"

And he walked away and sulked.

The little optimist was then taken to the back yard, to see a pile of manure. "Yippee!" he yelled, diving in and digging for all he was worth.

"What are you doing?" they asked.

"Well, with all this sh*t," he said, "there has to be a horse in here somewhere!"

Proactively seek the horse in the pile, and you just might find it. Refuse to ride the horse, and you'll never feel the wind in your hair.

So get ahead of it, whatever "it" is in your life.

You'll be happier.

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