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Monday, October 26, 2009


In mid-2008 I learned that I was diabetic.

I immediately eliminated all sugar and simple carbohydrates from my diet, a sort of modified "South Beach." Then I slowly started to reintroduce some things, but to this day I still avoid white rice, alcohol, sugared sodas, etc.

And yet, yesterday, Lila and I met friends for lunch, and afterward ended up at a Coldstone Creamery nearby. Yes, they have sugar-free ice cream. But yesterday, I decided to live wild. I had the "Chocolate Devotion™": One scoop of chocolate ice cream, with chocolate chips, brownies, and fudge mixed in.

And today's morning reading was just fine.

Sometimes it doesn't hurt to indulge a little. If chocolate is your weakness, have that Snickers bar or milkshake.

A glass of wine or two won't hurt you. Skip that jog one day, or sleep in a little.

Of course, this not a license to be irresponsible. Violating principles of common sense is a sure-fire way to become unhappy. (Think "hangover.")

Instead, find "the middle way." Give yourself just enough guilty pleasure, and guess what?

You'll be happier.

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