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Friday, October 2, 2009

Join the Club

There's joy in jargon.

There's nothing finer than to be with a group of people who "speak your language" regarding something you really care about.

This is never clearer than when the opposite happens: a group of "experts" gets together, and a "newbie" is there who has to ask for clarification every few sentences.

Of course, this is how the "noob" becomes an "expert."

Right there are two reasons for joining a hobbyist club: one is to be around people who speak your language and share your enthusiasm; the other is to learn from those further down the path.

You can do this virtually, of course; there's a forum, mailing list, or social networking site to cater to almost every interest. But much better it is to find some real people and go to a meeting.

I can't imagine model railroading online. Or hang-gliding. Or surfing (the real kind).

Sometimes you just have to breathe the same air as like-minded individuals.

So look them up and get out there and join the club.

You'll be happier.

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