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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Thank the Universe Every Day

"Surya Namaskar."

To my ear, it even sounds cool.

It means "Sun Salutation," and it's a routine that's part of yoga practice, rooted in the Hindu Vedas. And by golly, if I weren't fat and lazy, I'd do it every day.

Some of its components just sound right: "Stretch heart and arms toward heaven." "Send greetings to the sun." "Ground yourself through contact with the earth." "Lift your gaze." "Extend your spine." "Radiate energy from your heart."

And through it all, breathe.

This is a formal (and for me too strenuous) way to do something that I do do every day: Thank the Universe.

If you have a personalized God, thank Him or Her. If not, thank "The Force" or whatever you perceive as the power behind it all. If you're non-religious, just thank "nature."

But be thankful.

When a Japanese person sits down to eat, he or she usually says, "Itadakimasu." It literally means "I humbly receive [this]," but when I asked my friends what it meant, they said it meant "Thanks for this food." When I pressed further with the obvious question--"Thanks to who?"--the answers ranged from the farmer to the trucker to the cook, to parents and employers; and to the sun and the rain and the chopsticks used to pick the food up.


So thank the Universe for all that you have.

You'll be happier.

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