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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Trap-and-Trace Your Feelings

It's a tense moment. In an effort to find the culprit, the Lieutenant has ordered the tech boys to run a "trap and trace" on a phone call from the kidnapper. Will they find his location in time to save his victim?

And just what is a "trap and trace" anyway?

We used to just call it "tracing a call" when I was a youngster. In any case, the point is to find the source of the call.

And that's what I want to say about feelings.

Most of us are pretty good at realizing that we're angry, or sad, or stressed. But we're not always so good at figuring out why.

And if we could do that, we'd "catch the culprit" and quite possibly avert disaster.

Did something happen recently to make you feel this way? Did someone say something? Or maybe something happened that you associate with an old hurt (you saw someone from that time in your life, you ate at an old favorite restaurant).

Now, what about those positive emotions? Knowing what triggers those can help you gain access to that good feeling again.

Next time you get a strong rush of emotion, good or bad, take a minute to try to figure out where it came from. Learn to deflect or defuse the bad triggers, and deploy or repeat the good ones.

You can control how you feel. Do it.

You'll be happier.

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