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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Be a Prophet

In several of these "secrets" I've mentioned the boy who pointed out the that Emperor had no new clothes, that in fact he was naked.

Do you realize that this is the original job of an authentic "prophet"?

These days, we tend to think of the prophet as one who foretells the future. But this was only a secondary element of the prophet's role.

The main job of a prophet was to speak the Truth with a capital "T," God's Truth, in most historic contexts.

And how did people know which prophet to believe? That's where the "fortune-telling" aspect came in: the prophet who made a prediction which subsequently came to pass must be a true prophet.

To repeat, a prophet's primary job was to tell the Truth, especially when that Truth was "inconvenient" to the leadership or to the broader society.

Ever been there? Ever been the only one in a meeting to say, "That may make us money, but it’s not the Right Thing to Do"? Ever been the only one to say, "This may save our school's reputation, but it won't benefit the students"? Ever been the one to tell a spouse or loved one, "I know that you'd rather not, but the Truth demands that we must"?

That's the prophet speaking.

Make no mistake: prophets may be scorned, spit upon, even stoned to death, simply for stating the Truth. But that never stops them from speaking out.

If you love the Truth, be a prophet. Say what needs to be said. You may not win, you may not even survive, but in your heart of hearts, you'll be happier.

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