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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Reach Out and...

The stereotype would have us believe that teenagers like to sit around and talk on the phone for hours.

Well, let me tell you, friends, I've never seen anyone use the phone like the older folks in my family.

My grandma and my older aunts and uncles, when they were still around; my parents now. They can stay on the line with one person for over an hour.

So what? It makes them happy.

It's a rare moment when I pick up the phone and call someone. (My circle communicates mostly by text here in South China.)

But sometimes that urge strikes and I, as the old commercial sang, "Reach Out! Reach out and touch someone"--by phone.

Yes, all those sappy old commercials of "Friends and Family" being reunited over the globe by phone hold some kernel of truth.

However, in this New Age of communications, the telephone is only one option.

I was trying to get an appointment to see an important guy last week here in China, and he said he was OK "before 11" because at that time he would be Skyping with his son in the states.

Yup, the age of free long distance via the internet is upon us, whether Skype or any of the many other "VoIP applications."

So there's no longer any reason to hesitate. Put on that headset, open that interface, and "Reach Out!..."

You'll be happier.

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