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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

See the Change

As you know if you've been reading these "Secrets" for a while, I try to walk a line between the sort of hard-headed realism that says that "only what can be quantified is real" on the one hand, and the loosey-goosey lovey-dovey New-Agey stuff that threatens to turn the mind to mush on the other (sorry to "true believers" in both camps).

So if I tell you that I believe in "creative visualization," a practice known to be attached to New Thought and the "Think and Grow Rich" school, some of you may be saying, "Aha! I knew it! Mush-for-brains!"

But hang on a second. Do you know where creative visualization has really taken root? In the field of sports.

Yes, sports, where "winning is the only thing."

According to my "Bible" (Wikipedia),

In one of the most well-known studies on Creative Visualization in sports, Russian scientists compared four groups of Olympic athletes in terms of their training schedules:

  • Group 1 = 100% physical training;
  • Group 2 = 75% physical training with 25% mental training;
  • Group 3 = 50% physical training with 50% mental training;
  • Group 4 = 25% physical training with 75% mental training.

Group 4, with 75% of their time devoted to mental training, performed the best.

OK, I wouldn't swear to it. But I think there's something to it.

So here's today's "Secret":

Everyone quotes Gandhi: "Be the change you want to see in the world."

But I think before we can be the change, we have to see the change.

Visualize it. Live in it. Roll it around on your tongue. Savor it.

Then "be it" and "do it."

And you'll be happier.

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