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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Write a Thank You Note

"Be grateful."

Everyone says it.

"Have an attitude of gratitude."

You know you should.

But "attitude" is a little tough to pin down.

A thank-you note is not.

Sit yourself down and write a thank you note right now.

Write it to your mom or dad, your old teacher, your first boss-and-mentor.

Write it to your mayor, governor, senator, or president. She or he may not see it, but it will count. And you'll see it.

Write it to the singer whose music has brought you joy for years, the comedian that cracked you up on TV last night, the author whose book changed your life.

Or, harder, write it to the boss that rides you every day, the ex-spouse, the grouchy neighbor.

Too much to handle? Write it to God, to the Universe, to Life, to the eco-system you live in.

But write it. Pen in hand. Paper. Envelope. Send it or not, but write it.

You'll be happier.

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