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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Don't Tolerate "Tolerance"

I have recently become intolerant of the word "tolerance."

I feel that we either need to embrace something wholly, or eliminate it entirely. Tolerance is lukewarm.

Example 1: He looks deeply into her eyes, and in a husky voice murmurs: "I tolerate you." Bosh. Love her or leave her.

Example 2: One religious leader says to another, "We tolerate your religion." Ridiculous. Celebrate it! Revel in it!

Example 3: You’re tolerating a toothache. Get it fixed!

The image I get of someone "tolerating" something is of tense neck muscles, gritted teeth, scrunched-up face. Someone poised on the edge of a scream.

Is that any way to go through life? Imagine a person in that condition in a dance competition, or in a sporting event. The best performances come from someone who is relaxed.

So find out what you’re "tolerating." Is it a good thing? Embrace it. Is it a bad thing? Eliminate it.

But don't tolerate "tolerance."

You'll be happier.

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