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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Give Gifts that Keep on Giving

What to give the person who has everything? Or, at least, most things?

We all know the feeling of giving a gift that's received with a smile and sincere thanks, all the while knowing it will be shoved away in a cupboard, or sold in a yard sale, because the person we gave it to doesn't really need it.

So what would be a really good gift for that person?

Well, the best thing (all right, the only thing) I've gotten so far this year is a subscription to Parabola Magazine. It's both a print and an online subscription, so I can read the issues as soon as they're available. The hard copies are sent to my parents' address (to save on international postage), and then I can pick them up on my yearly visit back to the states.

Few things feed my soul like Parabola.

How about the people on your list? What books, subscriptions, films, memberships, CDs would feed their souls?

Because a thing is just a thing, but an idea can reverberate through a life.

So put some thought into those last-minute purchases. Magazine subscriptions and site memberships can be arranged online in a matter of minutes, as can movie and audio downloads.

Or how about donations in someone's name to a cherished cause? Funding for research, for example, or support for a social program?

Give gifts that keep on giving, long after the holidays are past.

You'll be happier.

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