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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Immerse Yourself in Love

At the age of 41, I acquired my first-ever passport and moved to Japan.

When my 42nd birthday arrived--the first of many in Asia--I called together a group of around 50 of my closest friends (heh) and had a massive birthday party in a park.

Selfish as it may seem, I had figured out that the only way to go through life's key moments--birthdays, holidays, etc.--was to immerse myself in the love of people I loved in turn.

The fact is, while there are times for self-reliance and rock-like independence, there are also moments where throwing ourselves into a sort of psycho-spiritual mosh pit is just what we need.

To tell the truth, I had been planning my own birthday parties for years before leaving the States. Some single friends in America, and any number of inveterate expat friends, do the same.

Why not? It's kind of like self-reliantly and independently leaning on friends!

So next time an important milestone--a birthday, a holiday, a Tuesday--is approaching, and it seems you may be spending it alone, call out the troops! Immerse yourself in the love of people who matter to you (not excluding the possibility of kindness from strangers).

You'll be happier.

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