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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Make Friends Online

OK, I have friends. In fact, I have solid cores of friends in several countries on both sides of the world.

But still, on a working day, I seldom see any of them. Heck, even my wife lives in another city, and we only see each other on weekends.

Enter so-called "social networking."

Friends, I'm here to tell you: Facebook, Twitter, Intent, Gaia, Beliefnet, and a host of others have changed my life. For the better.

In some cases, they've kept me in touch with the far-flung folks I love.

In others, they've allowed old friends to find me (most recently, one crazy Kooza clown).

But they've also broadened my "friend-base," bringing people into my life I never could have hoped to meet otherwise: rock-star philosophers, walking pilgrims, educators who are busting the walls of the institutions, and cousins I didn't know I had (and lord, do I love 'em).

I can honestly say my life has never been richer.

This is not a sad, social-misfit nerd talking here. This is a guy with plenty of friends, who now has plenty more, and is grateful for every single one.

So do it. Reach out and find someone who thinks like you, or someone whose thinking challenges you. Someone from an exotic land, or someone who shares an ancestor. Someone who sparks your imagination, or someone who busts your pretensions.

Because you just can't have too many friends.

Then, you'll be happier.

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