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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Remember "EGBOK"

When I was a school principal, there was this sad-faced little guy in second grade. Every day he showed up with dark circles under his eyes, and walked around slump-shouldered, staring at the ground.

His mom, on the other hand, was a great lady, vivacious and full of life.

One day, he showed up with a button pinned to his shirt. It said simply, "EGBOK."

"Justin," I asked. "What's this?"

"Egg bock," he mumbled.


"EGG BOCK!" he shouted, and burst out crying.

It turns out that this expression was coined by a couple of L.A. radio personalities, and his mother thought wearing the promotional button might help her son deal with the difficulties of life.

It stood for: "Everything's Gonna Be OK."

Justin didn't get it. I think he felt like it was one more burden to bear, and maybe even that it invalidated the way he actually felt--that everything was not going to be OK.

But those of us who are older and wiser, who have seen more of life than Justin had at that time, know that things usually work out (given enough time).

So remember, EGBOK!

You'll be happier.


  1. gosh... I haven't heard of EGBOK in eons... since the old Ken and Bob radio show. A little taste of nostalgia goes a long way.

  2. According to Wikipedia, "The Ken and Bob Show was LA's #1 rated radio show for almost 20 years on AM KABC." I was a bit more of a Lohman and Barkley man myself, but liked Ken and Bob when I heard them.