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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Resolve to Resolve

In my youth I was deeply involved with a wonderful bunch of evangelical Christians at a place called "The Canyon House" in Sierra Madre, CA. The best of them were wise in an earthy way, not given to "pie in the sky," but firmly rooted in the application of the Gospel to the demands placed on us by living in this world.

One of my favorite teachers was a humble man named Danny Burch. A flower-delivery driver by trade, there was no pose about this posy-pusher. He was the 100%-authentic real deal.

One of his cleverer tropes was the "Wanta Wanta Prayer." Let's say you knew that smoking was bad for you, but you just couldn't kick the habit. The Prayer would then go something like this: "Lord, I don't wanta give up smoking. But I wanta wanta give it up. Help me do the right thing."


Think of all the ways this could come in handy: intend to intend; desire to desire; resolve to resolve.

As you start working on your resolutions, think not only about resolving, but about resolving to resolve. That is, see down the road, to what the next step might be. If what you really want is too big a task, resolve a little, and resolve to resolve more later. Take small steps.

You'll be happier.

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