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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"Scratch" That Itch

The itch is the bane of the meditator.

On those (fairly rare) occasions where I have a chance to sit down and do Chan (Zen) with others (mostly monks), I barely get my spine adjusted when the sensations start, and they seldom stop until the session is over. Scratching is considered "bad form" by some masters, so the only option seems to be to not-grin and bear it, which totally defeats the purpose of sitting.

Itch is the devil's tool.

Now let's get metaphorical. What sort of "itch" is keeping you from concentrating on what's important? Buddhism often brings them down to three: Greed (or Desire), Anger (or Hatred), and Ignorance (or Delusion). But these manifest in myriad ways.

Is it that desire for more? Is it envy? Jealousy? Ambition? Pride?

How about a grudge? A lack of forgiveness? Aggression? Pure, unadulterated loathing?

Or maybe it's a misguided set of priorities. An inability to discern what's really important.

All of these can become a sort of "mental itch" that distracts us from our true purpose.

Well, friends, scratch that itch. "Scratch," as in erase, cancel, strike out, eliminate, annul, delete; not as in "give in to" or "satisfy."

Get rid of it.

You'll be happier.

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