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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Talk All Night

Ah, the delights of youth.

Some of the best times I remember are when the conversation with a good friend went into a "zone," so that suddenly the sky was lightening up and the birds were waking.


It might have been in person, with a cup of tea (or a bottle of something stronger). Or maybe it was on the phone, in the dark, snuggled under the covers.

And some have taken place in cars or buses or trains on all-night journeys.

Some have been in sleeping bags under the infinity of stars in a moonless desert sky.

Others at a kitchen table.

But the key is the freedom to range wide, to lose the strictures of more formal situations, to get a little goofy toward morning. That's when talk transcends brains and starts to connect hearts.

Yes, more than once, these conversations were held with "new flames." But as I've said before, there's nothing wrong with falling in love with your partner or your friends all over again.

So reclaim your youth, and "pull an all-nighter." Not over the books, but over connection. Maybe even have the adult version of a slumber party, a "lock in" with a few friends.

You'll be happier.

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