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Friday, January 22, 2010

Celebrate the Success of Others

Here's one of those pesky little moral questions teachers like to use to trip us up:

You’re driving into your neighborhood when fire engines race past you. Scanning the skies, you notice smoke coming from the general direction of your house.

Now, do you say, "Oh, I hope it's not my house"? Because if you do, you've just wished ill on your neighbor!

Let's turn this old conundrum upside down. You see the " Publishers Clearing House" Sweepstakes Van driving into your neighborhood. Do you wish your neighbor will win?

If you gave the "right" answer to both of the above, you’re a better person than I am (by far).

But let's take a smaller step. Forget the "competition." Can you rejoice in the success of others? Can you hear of someone's good fortune without begrudging it, without a tinge of jealousy, without thinking "why not me"?

That's a step in the right direction.

So let go of "me-ism," and learn to celebrate the good things that happen to the people around you (even people you don't like).

You'll be happier.

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