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Friday, January 29, 2010

Choose Your Mental Environment

One of the joys of living in South China is the easy availability of TV shows and movies on DVD. My wife and I will watch several seasons of something in a matter of a week or two.

Lately, it's been 30 Rock. And the character that makes me laugh the most is always Kenneth, the NBC page.

Everyone thinks he has the worst job in the place. But not Kenneth! It's his "dream job," and he can't imagine doing anything else.

His over-the-top optimism is laughable. And yet...

In one telling scene, we see the world through various characters' eyes. And everyone Kenneth sees looks like a Muppet!

Philosophy 101 question: Do people look like Muppets because Kenneth is happy? Or is Kenneth happy because people look like Muppets?

Anyway, Kenneth is my hero for one simple reason: he creates the world he lives in. This may not change external circumstance, but it certainly changes the way we feel about what happens.

Try it. Choose your mental environment. Mold events to suit you (even though you can't change "what happens").

When you live in a world of your choosing, guess what will happen?

You'll be happier.

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