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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Spread the Good News

Some people think complaining is a sport (and I'm sometimes one of them). As the old expression goes, they'd complain if they were hanged with a new rope.

But there's another way to use our words.

Once I was standing with the coach on the sidelines of a football game at a school where I taught. At the end of a play, one of the smaller guys (with the heart of a lion) got piled on. When the dust cleared, he walked up to us and, with a big grin, told my friend, "Geez, Coach, I got creamed!" He took joy in what many would have found an unpleasant experience.

So that's one way to verbalize what's good. Put some "spin" on the bad.

But what about all the actually good stuff that happens?

It seems like newspapers and TV news thrive on the bad news. And when something good does happen (a kid helps an older person, a town gets together to paint the local school) it's usually reported kind of mockingly, like "Gosh, these folks are just so darned cute, ain't they?"

Really good news is hard to find!

So be a purveyor of the positive, a giver of good news, a "bluebird of happiness."

You'll be happier. (And so will the people around you.)

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