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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Use a Higher Standard

Long ago, in another life, I was on the board of a very nice little church in Ventura County, CA.

We had a huge property, but no proper church building. We were holding services in a converted house, and the "parish hall" was an extended garage.

For years, we had "fund raisers" to build a church building. Suppers, car washes, rummage sales--all the usual ploys.

And every time, at the next board meeting, there'd be general lamentation that we hadn't made enough money.

After this went on for quite some time, even hours, I, being somewhat of a contrarian, would raise my hand and say, "Excuse me. I had a good time there. Did you?" General harrumphing and "wells" and "yeahbuts" would follow.

Then I'd go for the kill. "Isn't a church activity supposed to be about fellowship, about learning, about something other than money?"

They came to hate me.

By the way, if you visit that church today, there's a beautiful edifice on the property, built largely by the vibrancy of the community, rather than mere "fundraising."

Now, in my current phase of life, I'm not making much money. But I'm healthy; I'm loved; I'm secure; my life is serene.

I lack for nothing.

So stop measuring happiness in terms of the size of your paycheck, or how much you have in the bank. Start using a "higher standard."

You'll be happier.

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