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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Get Real

Here's an oxymoron for you: Reality television.

Awhile back, someone figured out that it was cheaper to do so-called "reality shows" than to bother writing anything. So now we get to watch long-time partners arguing over which way to go, and the deep inner turmoil of roommates.

I guess it beats soap operas.

Some people tell me: "I learned so much geography from 'The Amazing Race.'"

Whatever. Wouldn't you learn more from watching the same number of hours of The Discovery Channel?

Sigh. What's a teacher to do?

Anyway, just please please please remember that "reality TV" is no more "real" than any other TV. What you see there has been processed and manipulated (to process and manipulate you in turn).

One of my wife's former professors is the renowned Filipino artist Kidlat Tahimik. He initiated a campaign called "LIBHRTY," standing for "Limit Idiot Box HouRs (Thank You)." Limit them, yes, and be selective regarding what you choose to watch, then be sophisticated in how you watch. Don't let them snow you.

When it comes to TV viewing, get real.

You'll be happier.

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