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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Work the Routine

Every day is different, with its own unique blessings and challenges.

However, some things are the same every day.

It's good to establish a routine to deal with the everyday tasks. On work days, I know what time to rise, how long to be at the computer, what time to shower, what I need to take with me.

Every semester, I know what I need to do each day of the week in order to keep up with my classes, my writing duties at the local paper, and my online postings.

When I work my routine, I free up time and mental energy to deal with the not-so-everyday; when I break my routine, I find myself rushing around to get things done--or discovering that I've forgotten something.

Yes, the word "routine" conjures images of dull, boring days. But since we have to get certain things done, why not get them done in the most efficient way possible, making way for the fun stuff?

So, work the routine.

You'll be happier.


  1. yeah man i need to get into a routine. i quite like the wednesday dinners! (but i know that doesn't count)

  2. Sure it counts! It's a valued part of MY routine!