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Friday, March 19, 2010


When I walked through Japan back in 2001, I started with high ideals. I never wanted to be in a wheeled vehicle, no sirree, not for the entire 1,200 miles, even to get to and from lodging. I'd sleep on the ground if I had to.

But it didn't take long (about 24 hours, in fact) for me to realize that the plan as I had conceived it, while not impossible, would prevent me from actually benefiting from the experience. (Sleeping in an apartment building's carport will do that to you.)

So, despite plans and promises made, I adjusted my scheme and lo and behold had a great time and learned a lot--and the inner transformations experienced are still having their effect.

Sometimes, you have to yield to reality, to give up, to adjust.

Let's reiterate the point with a silly joke.

A guy catches a ride with a dummy. At the first red light, the dummy drives right on through.

"What are you doing?" asks the guy.

"Oh, that's what my brother does," says the dummy.

The next signal, and the next, the dummy does the same thing.

At the fourth signal, the light is green, and the dummy stops.

"What are you doing now?" asks the guy.

"Well," says the dummy, "you never know. My brother might be coming on the cross street!"

Be ready to give up your preconceived notions and adjust to circumstances.

Yield. You'll be happier.

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