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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Keep Your Promises

Think of a time when someone made you a promise, and then broke it.

How did it feel? Hurt, didn't it?

Back before the lawyers got involved, back before "non-performance" and "breach of contract," there was a time when a person's word was his or her bond.

We, too, had that "golden age" in our childhood: "Cross my heart and hope to die / Stick a needle in my eye..."

Just remember what it was like when someone reneged.

A simple rule: If you’re not sure you can keep it, don't make that promise. A promise isn't a technique for wiggling out of a tight spot ("I promise, I'll do it later"); it's a building block in a wall of trust.

So keep your promises. You (and the people around you) will be happier.

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