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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Meet Your Guardian Angel

Back when I worked in a "real" school, the headmaster wisely booked a series of "scholars in residence," one per year. Parker Palmer, Peggy McIntosh, and other first-class thinkers left their mark on my thinking.

But one idea, from Harvard educational sociologist Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot, really stuck in my mind.

Think of the student that bugs you the most, she said. Watch that student closely, and guess what? The thing that is bugging you is likely to be one of your own weak points.

The student is always late for class; do you show up for meetings on time? The student's homework is often late, and incomplete; how about your grades, and other required paperwork?

Dr. Lawrence-Lightfoot called this student "your guardian angel." He or she is there to remind you of areas that you could stand to improve.

So, who's your guardian angel? Who drives you nuts? And what is that person's effect on you telling you about yourself?

Meet your guardian angel. Get to know him or her well. And find out what it is you’re meant to learn.

You'll be happier.

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