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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Watch a Sunrise

One of the cooler yoga moves I've seen is called the "Sun Salutation." I love the image of standing on a bluff over the sea, or maybe standing on a giant rock in the desert, and greeting the sun as it starts its daily journey.

Not that I've ever done it...

But I do appreciate a good sunrise. Not a morning person, I've often said, "I love to watch the sun rise. I just hate what I have to do to see it." (That is, get up.)

As I mentioned recently in regard to the sunset, there's a great peace in watching the sun clear the horizon. As the sunset signifies the peace and quiet of a day well done, so the sunrise intimates possibilities of what is to come. The struggle over the lip of the earth, the clearing of morning mist, the emergence in its full effulgence, all hint at what we have to do every day.

So get up, get out there, and get an eyeful of the sun, before it's too bright to look at.

Watch a sunrise.

You'll be happier.

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