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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cultivate Gratefulness

The third of our "Five Cultivates" is Cultivate Gratefulness.

Yes, I've written about this before, but as we're in the Final Five, it bears repeating: The key to abundance, and therefore happiness, is to be grateful for everything you get. You may or may not get more as a result of this attitude; but if you’re truly grateful for what you have, who needs more?

I am what is known amongst English speakers in Asia as "a templer," one who visits temples (Buddhist, Daoist, etc.) fanatically.

When I visit, I "pray." When asked the gist of my "prayers," I can sum them up in two words: "Thank you."

Thank who? Whoever's listening. It's not the "receiver" that's important in giving thanks, it's the heart of the sender, the position of acknowledging our dependence on others, on the universe.

So give thanks. Be appreciative. Cultivate Gratefulness. Your life will be fuller and richer for it, and, yes, you'll be happier.

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